Penis Pump vs. Penis Extender

Most men who wish to increase the size of their penis face an uphill task when trying to decide on whether to use a penis pump or a penis extender. Having gone through the same problem, I have reviewed both products to help you decide which one suits your penis enlargement needs.

Penis Extender

A penis extender is a device designed to help increase the length and width of your manhood by stretching the penile shaft away from the body. The constant traction applied on the penis encourages cells to split and multiply, thereby increasing your penis’ size.


In case you’re wondering, here’s what a penis extender can do:

  • It gives permanent results – unlike pills, lotions, and the pump, a penis extender gives permanent results. This saves you from the hassle of having to use your pills and lotions regularly in order to maintain the size of your penis.
  • It has fewer side effects – a penis extender is a non-invasive method to increase your member’s size naturally. It is free of unpleasant side effects like dizziness, nausea, allergies, high blood pressure, and other side effects associated with the use of pills and lotions.


The primary downside of a penis extender is that it takes 3-6 months to increase the size of your manhood. Therefore, it might not be an ideal option for those who want to achieve their desired member size within a short time.

In some rare cases, the extender might injure your penis soft tissues, reduce blood flow to the penis’s head, and may be uncomfortable to use during the initial days.

Penis Pump

A penis pump is designed to improve your dick’s length, girth, and shape by increasing blood flow to the penis’ corpora cavernosa and suspensory ligaments, thereby helping you achieve your desired size.  The pump uses the vacuuming technique to increase blood flow.


  • It has fewer side effects – just like its counterpart reviewed above, the penis pump causes fewer side effects than pills and lotions. Therefore, the device could be a suitable deal for those who would not want to avoid the unpleasant side effects.
  • It improves erectile function – a penis pump can counteract erectile dysfunction resulting from spinal injuries, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and cardiovascular diseases. The improvement in the erectile function will combat the psychological effects associated with dysfunction.
  • Less expensive – ideally, a penis pump is more affordable than penis extenders. Therefore, if you are on a budget, it would be a wise idea to invest in a penis pump.


  • Bruising – a penis pump can bruise your shaft if used wrongly. Therefore, you need to learn how to use the pump correctly before using it. Bruising could also result from over-pumping.
  • It does not guarantee long-term results – are you looking to grow and maintain the size of your penis permanently? If you are, then the penis pump might not be appropriate since its results are short-term.

Which Should You Buy? – A Penis Extender or a Penis Pump?

From our review above, it is quite evident that both devices have their unique set of cons and pros. For instance, the penis extender would be an excellent deal for those who want permanent results. On the other hand, the penis pump would be ideal for people who want short-term results. As such, the choice of which is the best product will depend on the outcome you want. For a more detailed discussion on penis pumps,check this article.

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