Dipeptides Synthesis from Amino Acids

Dipeptides are the dimmer which is formed by the monomer units of the amino acids. Amino acids are the basic units of the proteins. These are the building blocks of the protein molecules. These bear two groups one is carboxylic acid and other is the amine group. Carboxylic acid of one amino acid reacts with amine group of the other ambo acid thus forms the molecule peptides. Peptide bond is formed when two amino acids react and liberate the water molecule. Amide bond is formed and it is also known as the peptide bond. When two such amino acids are formed then these are known as the dipeptides.

 Complete Process of Showing Dipeptides Synthesis from Amino Acids

There lots of examples of the dipeptides but the most eloquent example is histidine. These are very easy to prepare in the laboratory conditions and these effective t use. Cost of their preparation is also low. In our body various processes take place these are controlled by the hormones of our bodies. Metabolic syndrome can cause the hype in blood pressure and these are accompanied by the acute renal failure. These syndromes can also be controlled and cure by the histidine. Some of the dipeptides are also used in the food industries in the form of food flavouring agents and these will give rise to the amazing aroma in the food. In the chemical industries so many derivatives are prepared by the dipeptides.

Chelation and buffering processes are also carried out in the presence of these molecules. These are very safe to use as drug. Peptides are very useful and these are now widely used in the formation of other drugs also. Being less reactive in nature these impart very less side effects to the body. In food industries lots of work is carried out by these dipeptides.

Dipeptides can be orally take as medicine thus this is another advantage of its administration way. Being a cost effective and asses sable drug it is widely used and work is done to evolve more derivatives of the drug. Dipeptides can treat the nerve disorders and these are also effective in treating the disorders like kidney failures. There are lot more example of the dipeptide which are synthesized from two amino acids. These too bear great characters and these have the potency to bring about the positive and effective results in the clinical area. In future more researches are also carried out on these molecules.


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